Baked Eyeshadow


In the world
of fashion and beauty, some elements never go out of style. They are like
classics – always stylish and elegant. That is exactly what our WET & DRY
BAKED EYESHADOWS are like. In timeless shades of gold and silver, is gives
your eyes a subtle, sparkling glow. You can choose the degree of colour
saturation and its glow yourself, by adding successive layers of the
product, until you achieve the desired effect. For an even more intense look,
apply the eyeshadow wet. Or perhaps go wild and use the product on your
cheekbones as a highlighter as well? A unique, almost magical shine
guaranteed! Thanks to their baked formula, BAKED EYESHADOWS are very
efficient and retain their freshness for a long time. It is your time
to shine with a starry glow and dazzle every day, regardless
of the circumstances!

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How to

Apply it all over the eyelid or where you want a touch
of light.

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OC810N1, OC810N2, OC810N3